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Verify IP Address and Perform Release/Renew in the Windows XP GUI Desktop

Windows XP is the newest version of Windows NT, of which Windows 2000 and NT 4.0 (which is the OS on your lab machines) are also a part.   The process of discovering the IP address, and of release/renew, are different from the process in Win 9x/ME.  In Windows NT 4.0 and 2000, these functions are generally performed in a command window.  In Windows XP, they may be performed in a command window, or in the GUI.  This training takes you through this process in the GUI (the graphical user interface we also know as the desktop).

Windows XP IP verification and release/renew in the GUI
Right-click on My Network Places | Network Connections window | Connection Status window | The Details window |
The Repair function

Some notes about choosing the current local area connection for status and repair

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Verifying the IP address and performing release/renew functions in the Windows XP GUI desktop.



Windows XP IP Verification and Release/Renew in the GUI

Right-click on My Network Places

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- Right click on the "My Network Places" icon. 
- Choose "Properties".

The Network Connections Window
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- The network properties window will open.
- Right click on the local area connection in question.  Do not choose a connection with a grayed out icon.
- Click on "Status" in the  menu.

The Connection Status Window
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- The local area connection properties box will open.
- In this example, the connection is labeled "Wireless Network Connection Properties".
- Normally, it would be called "Local Area Connection Properties".
- This box displays the IP, and the default gateway, and subnet mask. 
- As long as DHCP is enabled, don't worry about those settings, only the IP.
- The two buttons of interest here are the "Details" button and the "Repair" button.


The Details Window
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- If you right-click on the "Details" button, the Network Connection Details box will open.
- This box displays the info seen above, plus advanced information. 
- This is how you get the hardware address of the network adapter in Windows XP.

The Repair Function
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- The "Repair" button performs the release/renew functions.
- If the connection is good, you'll receive the message "Repair operation competed....."
- If the connection is impaired, you'll receive the message "Repair operation failed......"


Some Notes Regarding Choosing the Current Local Area Connection for Status and Repair

-  If there are more than one "Local Area Connection" icons, they will be labeled with numbers as well.
-  Choose the connection labeled "enabled".
-  Do not choose connections labeled "1394 connection".  It is not part of our network.
-  Do not choose wireless connections.  There are no wireless connections in the residence halls.





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