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Computer Lab Software Installation Policy

1. Instructors requesting software to be installed in the computer labs must do the following:
a. Fill out the web form below
b. Deliver any software installation media or provide website information to download such media to AITS staff (Can drop off media at Receptionist Desk in the Milne Tech Center)
c. Proof of valid licenses and number of licenses available for us to use. Submit digital copy of purchase requisition or letter from vendor below. Hard copies can be dropped off at Receptionist Desk in the Milne Tech Center. Trial/Demo software is not considered a valid license for installation in labs.
d. Provide any installation documentation for the software.

2. The software installation web form and corresponding software must be submitted three (3) weeks prior to the time the software is needed.

3. Software delivered with shorter time frame will result in a first-come, first-serve basis with an installation period of up to three (3) weeks

4. Academic IT will notify the instructor when the software is installed and ready to test by email.

5. Software installed in college labs should be tested at least 72 hours prior to when the software will be used to make sure it is working according to the instructor’s needs.

6. Installation of discipline-specific software does not assure Help Desk or lab consultant support or training for students using the software. Students requesting assistance or training with discipline-specific software may be directed to the class instructor.

7. Academic IT reserves the right to deny any software that is unstable, not supported, outdated, conflicts with any other installed software or will not function correctly in the labs environment.

8. Software requests for the Fall Semester should be made before May 1st while requests for the Spring Semester should be made before December 1st. Software requested after these dates are subject to delay.

Software currently installed in the computer labs

Computer Lab Software Installation Request Form
Instructor's Name *
Email address *
Phone Number *
Software Title *
Software Website *
Platform * Windows Macintosh
How is the Software Licensed: *
Is this a new software install or an upgrade to a currently installed program? *
If this is a Site License then how many: *
Submit copy of purchase requisition or letter from vendor:
Note: Please only submit in Microsoft Word (.doc .docx) or Adobe PDF format (.pdf)
Class Using Software *
Date Software Needed *
Computer Lab name and room number where software is to be installed: *
Extra Notes or comments about the software, installation, or licensing:
Important: * I have read the above policy, and agree to all of the conditions and terms stated above. 
* Required
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