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BlackBerry can pursue contempt of court charge against Ryan Seacrest’s Typo ars technica
The keyboard-for-iPhone company violated a preliminary injunction, BlackBerry says.
'Tricky' SpaceX prototype rocket EXPLODES over Texas The Register
No injuries or near injuries. Flight stayed in designated area
Elon Musk's SpaceX team watched a prototype rocket spectacularly burst into flames over the company's test flight area in Texas on Friday.…
Drones spotted near Los Angeles airport, police headquarters ars technica
FAA: "We contacted the LAPD to see if the UAS was theirs. It was not."
Wall Street's internet darlings require an endless supply of idiots The Register
Sharing Economy? Mug Economy, more like
Dinner Party Punchup The following stories have one thing in common. Can you guess what it is around the dinner table this evening with your friends?…
Darknet drug markets kept alive by great customer service ars technica
Because they live on the fringes, these sites are remarkably innovative.
Report: Adult women gamers now double the number of under-18 boys ars technica
Casual/social gaming also saw a rise compared to last year.
Point-of-Sale malware hits 'more than 1,000 major businesses', warns US government The Register
Time to front up to Backoff
A Point-of-Sale malware attack has compromised the networks of a "significant" number of major businesses in the US, according to officials at the country's Homeland Security office.…
The Register Monopoly Pubcrawl Mobile Map: VODAFONE VICTOR in LONDON The Register
Unless you just want the best 4G: Then EE
Special Report Get a load of our fabtabulous interactive mobile Monopoly map - now complete with 3G/4G data results - right here…
I’ve never paid for it in my life... we are talking Wi-Fi, right? The Register
Let’s have us a public congress, darlin’
Something for the Weekend, Sir? Free at last! Free at last! Thank God, I’ve found some public Wi-Fi that’s free at last!…
BOFH: We CAN do that with a Raspberry Pi, but think of the BODIES The Register
11 mins? 12 mins? SPARE ME the CHOICES
Episode 8 …
Best shot: Coffee - how do you brew? The Register
Cheapo Firefox OS mobes to debut in India – definitely not one for selfie-conscious users The Register
Judge Hears Plea to Halt Tuition Plan at Cooper Union NYT Higher Education
Google gobbles Fitbit whiz Gecko Design to strengthen those things that don't shift ads The Register
Stiffed by Synolocker ransomware crims? Try F-Secure's python tool The Register
iPhone owners EARN MORE THAN YOU, says mobile report The Register
FCC not quite sold on Comcast TWC gobble The Register
Apple announces battery replacement program for the iPhone 5 ars technica
Galileo, Galileo! Galileo, Galileo! Galileo fit to go. Magnifico The Register
HBO could clear $600 million per year with online streaming ars technica
49ers’ stadium Wi-Fi served 25,000 concurrent users, 2.13TB in all ars technica
Red Hat: ARM servers will come when people crank out chips like AMD's 64-bit Seattle The Register
Forrester says it's time to give up on physical storage arrays The Register
SpaceX Texas launch facility gets no-tax deal with hosting county ars technica
Researchers make color-shifting surface modeled on squid ars technica
Pedals and wheel in that Google robo-car or it's off the road – Cali DMV The Register
Supreme Court ruling won’t kill Apple’s ‘slide to unlock’ patent ars technica
YOU SHALL NOT PASS! Intel, HyTrust geo-fence wandering virty servers The Register
Motherlode Blog: A 6-Year-Old Shouldn’t Inherit a Stiff Upper Lip NYT Higher Education
Citrix says reports of XenServer's death are greatly exaggerated The Register
Trundle, trundle, FLEEEP: iPhone 6 production grinds to halt The Register
Street-beating Brocade bounces back The Register
Motherlode Blog: Your Turn: A Weekend Thread, Open for Comments NYT Higher Education
Jarvis versus Jarvis: Don't DISRUPT the DISRUPTION GURU! The Register
Renegade NSA, GCHQ spooks help fix Tor vulns, claims project chief The Register
LOHAN Kickstarter campaign IS GO! The Register
Echopraxia scores 'diamond cutter' on the sci-fi hardness scale The Register
LG takes on Nokia X, Moto G: These are the cheapie 'droids you've been looking for The Register
Fujitsu flasher pleases data-intensive divas – SPC-1 benchmark The Register
Microsoft parts Azure cloud, reveals NoSQL doc database The Register
'Video on internet may not be entirely truthful': Times headline The Register
Brit balloon bod Bodnar overflies North Pole The Register
The Register Monopoly Pubcrawl Mobile Map: VODAFONE WINS VOICE The Register
The Learning Network: Test Yourself | A Comeback Campaign for Lassie NYT Higher Education
The Learning Network: 6 Q’s About the News | New Era in Safety When Cars Talk to One Another NYT Higher Education
With School Closed, Teachers and Volunteers in Ferguson Work to Fill Gap NYT Higher Education
States Given a Reprieve on Ratings of Teachers NYT Higher Education
Fewer Pass High School Exams, and Some in England Cheer NYT Higher Education
Motherlode Blog: Simple Student Routines for Back-to-School Success NYT Higher Education
Inquiry Urged on Air Force Academy’s Handling of Sexual Assault Cases NYT Higher Education
Notre Dame Is Rocked by Charges of Academic Cheating NYT Higher Education
National Briefing | South: Tennessee: Case Over Test Fraud Is Shut NYT Higher Education
Los Angeles to Reduce Arrest Rate in Schools NYT Higher Education
Fight on Common Core Is Dividing Louisiana NYT Higher Education
Workforce Investment Act Leaves Many Jobless and in Debt NYT Higher Education
International Education: The Challenges of ‘Higher-Education Emergencies’ NYT Higher Education
Briefly: International Education: Harvard Keeps Top Spot in Global University Ranking NYT Higher Education
International Education: In Scottish Referendum, a Push for Young Voters NYT Higher Education
Opinion: Teaching Is Not a Business NYT Higher Education
National Briefing | South: Louisiana: Judge Denies Halt to School Standards NYT Higher Education
Notre Dame Investigating Four Players NYT Higher Education
Philadelphia Schools to Open on Time Amid Millions in Budget Cuts NYT Higher Education
Your Money Adviser: Heading Off to College? Time to Think About Banking Needs NYT Higher Education
Earl Cheit, Prescient Educator, Dies at 87 NYT Higher Education
National Briefing | Education: Ex-Head of Washington Schools Steps Down at Advocacy Group NYT Higher Education
Columbia Cancels Concert Amid Safety Concerns NYT Higher Education
National Briefing | New England: Massachusetts: Former Associate Dean to Plead Guilty in Case on Investments NYT Higher Education
Top Math Prize Has Its First Female Winner NYT Higher Education
Square Feet: A University’s Partnership Reshapes Bowling Green, Ky. NYT Higher Education
National Briefing | Southwest: Texas: University Regent Is Censured NYT Higher Education
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Delete and manage old messages in Mail MacFixIt
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Infographic: An Illustrated Guide to 66 Types of Cheese Wired
How Jony Ive's Apple iOS 7 Hinders the Future of Design Wired
Under the Dome: Brian K. Vaughan Makes Stephen King-Size TV Wired
Father-Son Duo Reinvent Drug Testing With 'Digital Lab Rats' Wired
Zero Rolls Out a Rugged Electric Motorcycle for Special Ops Wired
Could You Detect a Fake NBA Flop? Wired
Apple's Flat Design Falls Flat on Wall Street Wired
Press Play: 10 E3 Trailers You Don't Want to Miss Wired
Connecting the Dots on PRISM, Phone Surveillance, and the NSA's Massive Spy Center Wired
See an Autopsy of the Original Mac and Other Iconic Gadgets Wired
'Chinese Google' Unveils Visual Search Engine Powered by Fake Brains Wired
Gallery: Giant Mario Karts, Crazy Hardware and Too Many Gamers Pack E3 Show Floor Wired
Taking a Long Shot on a Value-Priced SUP Wired
Here Be Dragon in New The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Trailer Wired
From Fake Leather to the Great Flattening: The Evolution of iOS Wired
Google's Real Secret Spy Program? Secure FTP Wired
ACLU Sues NSA Over Mass Phone Spying Wired
Lawmakers Seek Declassification of Secret Spy Court Rulings Wired
Defense Department Orders Employees, Contractors to Steer Clear of Surveillance Stories Wired
This Is the End Cast Say They Wouldn't Eat James Franco in an Apocalypse Wired
The Cool Factor (With Feathers): New York Chefs React To Pastured Poultry Wired
Google Seeks OK From Feds to Disclose Stats on Secret Court Orders Wired
X3 Helicopter Sets Speed Record At Nearly 300 MPH Wired
Awkward Google Wisely Buys the Least Human Social Network Wired
It's Official: Google Acquires Crowdsourced Navigation App 'Waze' Wired
The Cleverest Bike Fender We've Ever Seen Is on Kickstarter Wired
A Beautifully Simple Comic Book for the Blind Wired
Disease Outbreak Threatens the Future of Good Coffee Wired
NSA Leaks Present a Business and Ethics Crisis for Silicon Valley Wired
A Primer on the Kremlinology of Apple's Big Conference Wired
A few last cool stories to say goodbye ZDNet Education IT
Dell's new Latitude 3330: Making Common Core assessments a reality ZDNet Education IT
Sophos Security Experts To Present at SOURCE and ThotCon Sophos Security News
Sophos Named to CRN’s 2013 5-Star Partner Program Guide Sophos Security News
$name Sophos Security News
Ed-Fi Alliance: Taming the state and local data beasts ZDNet Education IT
Tableau Software: Analytics for everyone, now free for students and teachers ZDNet Education IT
Code.org: Solving our CS shortage 1 teacher, 1 student at a time ZDNet Education IT
Sophos Strengthens Senior Leadership Team Sophos Security News
Congressional education report: 5 years and $700k to recommend "equity" ZDNet Education IT
Sophos Extends UTM to the Enterprise Sophos Security News
Next-gen LEGO Mindstorms + Autodesk = Huge educational potential ZDNet Education IT
A Special Offer From Our Sponsor ZDNet Education IT
Sophos to Showcase Mobile Device Management Solutions at Mobile World Congress Sophos Security News
inBloom launches with Gates/Carnegie funds to unify e-learning services ZDNet Education IT
Trojan-Downloader.JS.Agent.gdn Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan.Win32.Scar.dgje Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan.Win32.KillAV.gcg Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan.Win32.Agent2.dmdi Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan-Downloader.JS.Agent.gbj Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan-Downloader.JS.Agent.gaf Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan.Win32.Jorik.Carberp.ar Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan.Win32.Agent2.dmvt Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan.Win32.KillFiles.afz Kaspersky Viruslist
Alan Cox Exits Intel, Linux Development Slashdot
Google Pushing Back On Law Enforcement Requests For Access To Gmail Accounts Slashdot
EFF Moves To Nix Trademark On "Gaymer" Slashdot
Trojan.Win32.Agent.fajk Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan.Win32.Jorik.Buterat.dp Kaspersky Viruslist
Finland Is Crowdsourcing Its New Copyright Law Slashdot
AdWare.Win32.Gamevance.hfti Kaspersky Viruslist
What Birds Know About Fractal Geometry Slashdot
Open Source Software Licenses Versus Business Models Slashdot
The Mathematics of the Lifespan of Species Slashdot
Researchers Use Lasers For Cooling Slashdot
NASA and CSA Begin Testing Satellite Refueling On the ISS Slashdot
CTO Says Al-Khabaz Expulsion Shows CS Departments Stuck In "Pre-Internet Era" Slashdot
Scientists Take Most Accurate Reading Yet of Universe's Cooling Slashdot
Alan Cox: Fedora 18 "The Worst Red Hat Distro," Switches To Ubuntu Slashdot
The Mobile App Design Tail Wags the Desktop Software Design Dog Slashdot
Male Scientists More Prone To Misconduct Slashdot
Open Source ExFAT File System Reaches 1.0 Status Slashdot
Recession, Tech Kill Middle-Class Jobs Slashdot
Researchers Achieve Storage Density of 2.2 Petabytes Per Gram of DNA Slashdot
Multi-State AT&T U-Verse Outage Enters Third Day Slashdot
Magnetic 'Braids' May Cook the Sun's Corona Slashdot
US Government Announces National Day of Civic Hacking Slashdot
CES: Another Chording Keyboard Hits the Market (Video) Slashdot
Announcing Adafruit Gemma – Miniature Wearable Electronic Platform Slashdot
AT&T Buys More Alltel Operations For $780 Million Slashdot
Google Report Shows Governments Want More Private Data Slashdot
The One Sided Cyber War Slashdot
Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Small.bven Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan.NSIS.Miner.a Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan.Java.Agent.an Kaspersky Viruslist
Exploit.JS.CVE-2010-4452.t Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan-Downloader.JS.Agent.gcv Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan-Dropper.Win32.StartPage.eba Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Agent.ezqm Kaspersky Viruslist
Trojan-Downloader.Win32.VB.aiqx Kaspersky Viruslist
Dell Latitude 10 Essentials and Project Ophelia - Two very different approaches to student computing ZDNet Education IT
Sophos Makes Security Personal and Enables BYOD with EndUser Protection Sophos Security News
Sophos Recognized as a Leader in the 2013 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms Sophos Security News
Share With 911: Empowering the school community to keep kids safe ZDNet Education IT
Simple, low-tech solutions for school safety ZDNet Education IT
Dell empowers student leaders through the Dell Education Challenge ZDNet Education IT
80 Percent of Attacks in 2012 Were Redirects from Legitimate Sites…and 27 Percent of all Cybercrime was Linked to ‘Blackhol... Sophos Security News
TSG to Roll Out Sophos UTM to Entire Customer Base Sophos Security News
Sophos Makes Significant Strides with Mobile Device Management in 2012 Sophos Security News
Sandy Hook Elementary: This could have been any school, any of our kids ZDNet Education IT
Sophos Selected as Finalist in Five 2013 SC Magazine Awards Categories Sophos Security News
The US education system didn't get any thanks at our table this year ZDNet Education IT
Livescribe proves that the pen isn't dead yet ZDNet Education IT
Canvas Network: Instructure takes on Coursera, et al, with a unique approach to MOOCs ZDNet Education IT
Daily Edventures with Microsoft's Anthony Salcito [Video] ZDNet Education IT
A Special Offer From Our Sponsor ZDNet Education IT
$name Sophos Security News
$name Sophos Security News
India Spews More Spam Than Ever Before as UK Returns to Dirty Dozen Sophos Security News
Blackboard founder and CEO resigns - What it means for the LMS industry ZDNet Education IT
Are Big Data approaches the answer to K12 educational pain points? ZDNet Education IT
Sophos Enhances Mobile Security for Android Devices with Free Anti-Virus and Encryption Apps Sophos Security News
Interview: Marshall Tuck, CEO of the Partnership for LA Schools ZDNet Education IT
Sophos Recognized as a Leader in the 2012 Magic Quadrant for Mobile Data Protection Sophos Security News
Sophos Announces Lenovo Certification for SafeGuard Enterprise Sophos Security News
Sophos Appoints Matt Fairbanks CMO Sophos Security News
Sophos Introduces First Cloud-Based Solution With Hosted Version of Mobile Device Management Offering Sophos Security News
Sophos Appoints Kris Hagerman CEO Sophos Security News
New USB wireless access point provides WLAN for remote offices Sophos Security News
$name Sophos Security News
SophosLabs’ Beth Jones to Breakdown the Botnet Threat During National Webcast Initiative Presentation Sophos Security News
$name Sophos Security News
Sophos Offers Free Anti-Virus App for Android Users Sophos Security News
One In Every Two Spam Messages Sent From Asia, Sophos Reveals Sophos Security News
Sophos Launches New Comprehensive Partner Program Sophos Security News
Sophos Makes Unified Threat Management Complete by Adding Endpoint Security Sophos Security News
Sophos announces mobile partnership with Logic Plus Sophos Security News
Troj/Mdrop-DKE Sophos Virus Alerts
Troj/Sasfis-O Sophos Virus Alerts
Troj/Keygen-FU Sophos Virus Alerts
Troj/Zbot-AOY Sophos Virus Alerts
Troj/Zbot-AOW Sophos Virus Alerts
W32/Womble-E Sophos Virus Alerts
Troj/VB-FGD Sophos Virus Alerts
Troj/FakeAV-DFF Sophos Virus Alerts
Troj/SWFLdr-W Sophos Virus Alerts
W32/RorpiaMem-A Sophos Virus Alerts
Silencing Weblogs in Higher Education
Bugtraq: Breakpoint 2014 Call For Presentations (SecurityFocus Vulnerabilities) SANS Internet Storm Center
Apple Execs Get Bonuses, Jobs Still at $1 eWEEK Technology News
Our very own UFO Weblogs in Higher Education
"Signature Authentication in IKEv2" - Tero Kivinen, Joel Snyder (Internet Drafts) SANS Internet Storm Center
Motorola Forecasts Loss on Struggling Phone Biz eWEEK Technology News
Beyond dictatorship Weblogs in Higher Education
Look out, sysadmins - HOT FOREIGN SPIES are targeting you (The Register) SANS Internet Storm Center
Yahoo Plans to Cut Hundreds of Jobs: Source eWEEK Technology News
The silence of the citizen Weblogs in Higher Education
CVE-2013-7354 (libpng) (Natl. Vulnerability Database) SANS Internet Storm Center
Fed Slashes Interest Rates eWEEK Technology News
Radio radio Weblogs in Higher Education
This has nothing to do with PCs or computing (IT Toolbox Blogs) SANS Internet Storm Center
Bill Would Help States Ditch Electronic Voting eWEEK Technology News
New DNS Spoofing Technique: Why we haven't covered it., (Wed, May 7th) (InternetStormCenter) SANS Internet Storm Center
Sprint to Cut 4,000 Jobs, Close 8 Percent of Stores eWEEK Technology News
Today Is World Password Day, So It's Time to Change Some Settings (Yahoo Security) SANS Internet Storm Center
IBM Growth in Americas Slower than Overseas eWEEK Technology News
Dropbox fixes flaw that exposed user documents (NetworkWorld Security) SANS Internet Storm Center
Time Warner to Test Internet Billing Based on Usage eWEEK Technology News
Correspondence Between the NSA and Google Leaked (Schneier blog) SANS Internet Storm Center
Bernanke Backs Quick Fiscal Stimulus eWEEK Technology News
Brocade Ex-CEO Sentenced to 21 Months in Options Case eWEEK Technology News
Bernanke Faces Grilling on Fiscal Stimulus Stance eWEEK Technology News
Economic Worries Grow Among Voters: Poll eWEEK Technology News
BEA Accepts $8.5 Billion Oracle Offer eWEEK Technology News
Boeing to Announce Further 787 Delay: Report eWEEK Technology News
Apple to Rent Movies on Web, Shows Thin Notebook eWEEK Technology News
GM, Toyota Battle Turns Electric eWEEK Technology News
Alan Greenspan to Join Hedge Fund eWEEK Technology News
Weak Retail Sales Fuel Recession Fears eWEEK Technology News
Diebold to Restate Results Following Probe eWEEK Technology News
Overtime Hours Point to Manufacturing Recession eWEEK Technology News
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