Potty Press Quiz

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1.Which statement is false?
A. Brand name cold remedies often have different active ingredients than the store brands. Read carefully.
B. It is not uncommon for cold symptoms to last for two weeks.
C. The average healthy person will experience 2 to 3 colds a year
D. Colds and the flu are viruses

Three of these are cold symptoms, only one is a symptom of the flu. Can you find the one flu symptom?
A. Sneezing
B. Mucus producing cough
C. Runny, stuffy nose
D. Fever over 100 degrees Fahrenheit

What would you do if you see something offensive written on a white board (or other places) on campus?
A. Call and report it to UPD
B. Alert the person working in your residence hall cage (if you're in a residence hall) and ask them to call UPD
C.Alert the person working in the nearest office and ask them to call UPD

where did you complete this quiz?
A. on a desktop computer
B. on a laptop
C. on a tablet computer
D. on a smartphone

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