Potty Press Quiz

Answer the following questions to be entered into a raffle to win a $20 bookstore gift certficate. All entries will be entered in the raffle.
A. is a popular current trend
B. can inspire healthy weight loss and healthy eating
C. can be used in harmful ways
D. all of the above

Compared to 1970, case of skin cancer found in young women are:
A. 4 times higher
B. 4 times lower
C. 8 times higher
D. 8 times lower

Men usually need to consume more water than women because...
A. of their higher muscle mass
B. they tend to work out more than women
C. they sweat more
D. none of the above

where did you complete this quiz?
A. on a desktop computer
B. on a laptop
C. on a tablet computer
D. on a smartphone

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