Monthly Chapter Report

This report is due to the Office of Greek Life on the 15th of the month during the following months:
September, October, and November in the fall semester; February and March in the Spring Semester.

Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity
Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity
Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity
Chi Phi Fraternity
Chi Upsilon Sigma Sorority
Lambda Sigma Upsilon Fraternity
Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority
Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority inc.
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity
Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
Pi Delta Chi Sorority
Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority
Sigma Delta Tau Sorority
Sigma Gamma Phi Sorority
Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority
Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity

This chapter report is for what month?

Name of person completing report

Campus & Community Involvement and Programming and Events Describe events, projects, upcoming service projects, etc. Indicate individual student achievement in activities, clubs, organizations, etc.

Comment on executive-board, committees, business, etc.

Describe academic plans, academic standards, cite individual student accomplishments, describe academic goals, etc.

Comment on New Member process, recruitment plan and/or events, etc.

Describe any teambuilding events, chapter educational programs, trainings, retreats, etc.

Questions you have about IGC? How can the IGC help your chapter? What questions do you have about IGC events? Suggestions, comments, etc.

Describe any meetings, feedback, correspondence with Chapter Advisor, Graduate Advisor, Regional/National Advisor, etc.

Please indicate outstanding things that your chapter, another chapter, IGC, advisor, or a member of the Fraternity/Sorority Community did this month. (It?s important to recognize the accomplishments of others!) In your chapter: On IGC: A Member from another fraternity/sorority: A faculty/staff member on campus:

Is there any other business/concerns/comments that are important to report?